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Main events

PascalouRacing is present on the main events in France and Europe

Tour Auto Optic 2000  April 2022

Le Tour Auto is a five day race around France combining races on tracks, timed stages on closed roads and quite long drives in between. With your co-pilot, you will live 5 very intense days, drive around 1500 miles and carefully study the road book to not get lost. Two options are available : “Competition” where speed is obviously of the essence or “Regularity”, in which case you will need to stick to a pre-set constant speed, which is not that easy ! For this race, the PascalouRacing package includes the accomodation and meals throughout the race. For more details, please visit le Tour Auto website.



Le Mans Classic July 2022

Every two years, Peter Auto organizes a major event on the 13km racetrack in Le Mans. If for you, the 24 H Le Mans race is the Pinnacle of endurance racing, you should join us to drive a historic car that has raced on this track. You will drive during 3 legs of 45 mn each, with one by night (with 1 or 2 pilots). The atmosphere of Le Mans Classic is truly extraordinary, but this time, you will be behind the wheel ! Visit Le Mans Classic website for more information.




Grand Prix de l'Age d'Or, Spa Classic, Monza Historic, Estoril Classics,
Dix mille Tours du Castellet...

All those races are organized on major race tracks over a three day week end. Depending on the car, the race will be over 1h, 1h30 or 2h, always with a free practice and a qualifying session. You can drive on your own or share the wheel with another pilot.

Les 2 Tours d’Horloge 5-6th Nov. 2021

The 2 Tours d’Horloge at the Castellet, Circuit Paul Ricard, is the only 24hr race for vintage cars in continental Europe, and it is definitely a technical, physical and human challenge. With 3 or 4 pilots, the goal is to best manage the race and combine efficiency, speed, while preserving the car, night and day, in unpredictable weather conditions; Supported by Crubilé Sport, PascalouRacing will enter its Porsche 930 Turbo, and potentially it 2.0L Porsche as well. The 930 is very very fast but penalized by its gas consumption which will command more frequent pit stops…..  More to come !

Tour de Corse Historique October 2022

PascalouRacing will gather a crew to enter a car in the Tour de Corse Historique, most probably its Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint. Not sure the pilot with have many opportunities to use the 5th gear, as the long timed stages (up to 30 km) to not offer many straights !  


Other races & trackdays

PascalouRacing can enter cars in other races on closed roads, open roads or racetracks, just ask for more information. We also organize training sessions. The car(s) can be 100% reserved for you or not, we can even privatize the racetrack for you.


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