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L'Atelier PascalouRacing

L’Atelier PascalouRacing is much more than a storage facility, it is a highly secure and heated place where your sport or race car will be taken care of.


We can make your car be ready to go at any time and we can also bring it to racetracks at your convenience.  We can maintain it, either on the spot for regular maintenance or with specialist who we work with on a regular basis.


L’Atelier PascalouRacing is a welcoming and user-friendly place where you can meet with other racecar fans, for example during the open house days that we organize.

Additionally, L’Atelier PascalouRacing is the ideal place for a team meeting, with your staff or your clients. We can combine and organize a business meeting, a test run with some of our cars on the narrow roads around the Castle of Chantilly and a nice lunch for up to 40 guests.

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